We all have Choices. Whole Foods is our West Coast mantra.  We love our local Caper’s. We go the Safeway more often than not. Only when we hit the Walmart, do we remember, amidst the endless sea of aisles – all we really want is something fresh for dinner.

That’s what makes Your Local Farmers Market such a gold mine in any season. Now that the Winter Market at Nat Bailey Stadium has shut down for the season, the warm weather Farmers Markets have begun popping up around the city.  Naturally, making it for Day One at Trout Lake was on the agenda the other week. Craving some good greens and better company, I found both.

Factor in a pair of dogs, some good conversations and a trip to a local corner market afterwards – only to arrive in time for the transfer of a local apiarists hive of some 40,000 bees – and it might marked a definite highlight on my calendar.

As always, when it comes to Farmers Market, I credit the company – only both sides of the tables, two-legged and otherwise.  As with most memorable meals, forget the food for a second, and applaud the table. There are times when I go to some ridiculous lengths to make a good meal for myself. Add a friend and half the effort makes magic happen. Add a farmer or a fisherman, and with a pinch of salt, the truly most memorable meals occur on the moment – or with the mildest of shared effort.

As with all things, it begins at source – with the people who bring it to market, in the case of the Farmers Market, most literally.

Susan Davidson – Glorious Organics Co-op


Jean-Pierre Cote – Maison Cote



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