IMG_4376BC’s Top Sustainable Culinarians Converge So, what do you get when you gather over 500 canadian chefs in a field? As Eigensinn Farm’s Michael Staedtlander discovered in 2008, the answer is a complex blend of simple wisdoms, outstanding food and lasting legacies–the biennial Canadian Chefs’ Congress.

The mission statement of the Canadian Chefs’ Congress is admirable: to connect chefs to the land in solidarity with all those good folk on the supply side of the equation by means of a gathering every other year to reinforce the passion and integrity of Canadian food culture.

What has emerged is two-fold: a growing recognition on the parts of chefs, hospitality professionals, restaurateurs, farmers, growers and fishers of their power to create awareness on forkful at a time and the 2nd Canadian Chefs Congress in our own backyard in 2010.

In 2008, the focus was very much on the threat posed by GMOs. In 2010, the tables have turned to take the temperature of our tides. ‘Oceans For Tomorrow’ is the theme of next year’s conference and will focus on chefs and their relationship with the current fragile state of our oceans. As the birthplace of the Ocean Wise program and the home of so many holistically minded culinarians, BC was an obvious choice for hosting privileges.

With Edward Tuson (Sooke Harbour House) heading up the committee to bring it all together, along with Vikram Vij (Vij’s), Rob Clark (C Restaurant) and Mike McDermid (Ocean Wise) among others, the Canadian Chefs Congress 2010 is set to continue the good work started by Staetlander.

That said, none of us outside the inner circle of chefs, cooks, apprentices and culinary students from across the country are invited and that is just fine. The whole point is not a gala hoo-ha, but more of an industry thinktank–with healthy servings of sustenance.

Those wearing white all year round should find the minimal $200 price tag more than fair and can explore the September 11, 2010 event slated for Providence Farm on Vancouver Island by clicking here.

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