Together with 1,700 plastic bottles and a handful of committed volunteers and sponsors, Shannon Ronalds floated a tremendous success story across from Granville Island in Vancouver’s False Creek this summer.

The Floating Plastic Dining Room captured local reservations and international attention alike for its menu and architecture alike.  Once fitted with a table, 12 chairs and a few touches,  it became Vancouver’s premier ‘limited time only’ sustainable hot spot.

Consider this a sneak peek at the past: the story before the table was anywhere near set.

Its acclaim did not give its creator a moment of rest for the next 40 nights.  Not that the nights prior to opening had been any less ardurous than the nightly ferrying of food plates from C Restaurant above and serving of the sustainably supportive and curious alike.  If anything, that was the hard part.

Aboard throughout the journey, from first drawings to final studs for lifting, were designers and builders Mie Liz and Matt Kirk-Buss of Loki Oceans. All aboard for the next 60 nights are C Restaurant’s Executive Chef Robert Clark, owner Harry Kambolis, along with the B.C. spot prawns of Organic Ocean’s Steve Johansen.

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